Retail & real estate feasibility studies

Do you want to know about the viability of a site for retail or what real estate options to develop in your piece of land? We will help you understand:

  • The catchment area using satellite imagery and QGIS mapping
  • The area dynamics and competition
  • Traffic flows through traffic count

Secondary research

We help you gather precise and up-to-date secondary data from reliable sources to help you make informed decisions. Whether it’s country profiles, population trends, GDP trends to specific details on a particular sector, we will get the data for you

Awareness, attitudes & usage studies

We will help you gather accurate and reliable primary data that will help you structure and drive your brand/product strategy. We will help you quantify and understand the following: Do people know about your brand? Are your advertising and promotions working? What do people think about your brand? Are the views positive or negative? How are people using the brand? Frequency of use? Expenditure? Position of your brand relative to competitors?

Consumer satisfaction surveys

We will help you understand your customers perception about your products or services, brand, and customer support

Product concept tests

Do you plan to launch a new product in the market? Do you want to know how customers will react to the new product? We will help you conduct Central Location Tests (CLT), blind testing and product usage tests

Brand trackers

Do you want to know which brand initiatives are working well? Which initiatives are impacting sales positively?