Becoming a Business Analyst.

The Business Analyst role is one of the most important roles in the IT Industry. It is a position that plays a critical role in delivering a better future for a business.

In this journey, we will focus on Basic to Advanced Excel skills. Excel is the most popular and powerful tool widely used in the industry to instantly analyze the data. It has many potential applications with extensive, customizable features for almost all kinds of workflows. We will cover basic operations like data import and export, customizing tool bars, data visualizations using various bars and charts, various statistical analysis to more advanced features like data validations, data cleaning and data manipulations.

  1. Getting Started

  • Launching and customizing Excel.
  • Exploring excel menu items.
  • Formatting cells
  • Data manipulation
  • Importing delimited & Fixed-width data

2. Charts and graphs in excel.

  • Inserting & working with charts.
  • Customizing chart appearances.
  • Creating histograms.
  • Using Box & Whisper plots.
  • Analyzing scatter plots.
  • Plotting maps & combo charts.
  • Creating & Customizing sparklines.

3. Using Formatting, Styles, & Theme      

  • Formulas & Functions.
  • Commonly used formulas.
  • Using conditional formatting.
  • Customizing complex formatting rules.